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The Nibiru Reserve System is the World Central CreditBank of the World Government. It performs five general functions to promote the effective operation of the global economy and, more generally, the public interest. The Nibiru Reserve

  • Established the world’s monetary law to promote maximum enfranchisement, employment, stable prices, and secured long-term investments and interest rates in the Global Districts economy;
  • Advocate for the stability of the world financial system and seeks to minimize and all systemic risks through active monitoring and engagement in the global villages.
  • Advocate the safety and soundness of global financial institutions and monitors their impact on the global financial system as a whole;
  • Regulate the global community payment and settlement system safety and efficiency through services to the public creditbanking industry and the Holy See Global District government that facilitate World Currency transactions and payments.
  • Advocate consumer protection and global community development through consumer-focused supervision and examination, research and analysis of emerging consumer issues and trends, global community economic development activities, and the administration of local consumer laws and global regulations.

World Monetary Act Resolution

Noocratic NIDO & Nibiru Pool Register

World Central Bank Charter

Global Credit Facility Agreement

Global Trust Resolution

Nibiru Reserve Resolution Charter

Nibiru Reserve Articles of Organization

Standard Benchmark Agreement Resolution Bill

World Central Bank Programs

The Nibiru Reserve System, the World Central CreditBank (Bank) of the World Government, was founded by The World Chairman and the Progressional Body of the World Parliament to provide a safe, flexible and stable global monetary and financial system. The Nibiru Reserve carries out the world’s monetary law guided by the goals set forth in the Nibiru Reserve Resolution, namely “to promote effectively the goals of maximum enfranchisement, employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term investments, and secured interest rates.”

World Chairman
Hon. Shahid Iqbaal

Our Services

Most types of World Treasury securities, like World Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and NEOS, are called “marketable” securities because they can be bought and sold, by an adult, in the secondary market after they are purchased from the World Treasury.  Savings bonds are “non-marketable” securities because they are registered to a specific owner (which could be a kid), and cannot be bought and sold to other people in the secondary market by brokers and dealers.

WORLD Financing Instruments

  • Global Investment Project Financing provides World Creditbank loans, World Credit Grants and sovereign guarantee financing to all governments for activities that create the physical/social infrastructure necessary to reduce poverty and create sustainable development.
  • Global Development Policy Financing provides World Creditbank loans, World Credit Grants and sovereign guarantee budget support to governments or a political subdivision for a program of policy and institutional actions to help achieve sustainable, shared growth and poverty reduction.
  • Global Social Motivation Program-for-Results links disbursement of funds directly to the delivery of defined results, helping countries improve the design and implementation of their own development programs and achieve lasting results by strengthening institutions and building capacity. 
  • World Trust funds and grants allow scaling up of activities, notably in fragile and crisis-affected situations; enable the Bank Group to provide support when our ability to lend is limited; provide immediate assistance in response to natural disasters and other emergencies; and pilot innovations that are later mainstreamed into our operations. 
  • Global Private sector options for financing, direct investment and guarantees are provided by World Trust Authority. Sovereign Guarantees can also be provided through World Central Bank for private sector projects.
  • Multiphase Programmatic Approach (MPA) allows countries the flexibility to implement an approach to achieve development objectives in stages when: the  development challenge is complex; it would take a longer time to achieve the objectives; it would take a longer time to prepare one large project; the solution needs a broader and comprehensive approach; or when a stop-and-go approach is not feasible.  Projects under an MPA program may be financed by Investment Project Financing; or Program-for-Results Financing, or their combination. 

Business, private clients, first-time budgeter — let us figure out a financial plan that works for your life. Get in touch, and let’s start talking. N.O.M.N.I is the World Government’s reserve currency issued by the World Treasury as digital fiat currency and mutual credit system to be utilized by the World Central Bank(s) and the Nibiru Reserve’s World Credit & Public Banking System that provides its every holder with the power to manifest public trust benefits and the full faith and credit for all nations of people.

To understand the global assets and debts, you need to know about the different forms assets and debt takes. In general, assets and debt is in the form of World Treasury securities including World Treasury bills, notes, bonds, Noocratic Economic Orders, and savings bonds. Some assets and debt is held by World Government agencies. The rest is held by the public.

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